Treat all your senses, experience Kerala

Treat all your senses, experience Kerala
Kerala Experience in London by Karnavar

Experience Kerala in South London

Kerala, southwestern state of India, is famous for its natural beauty and is widely known as ‘God’s own country‘. Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is also famous for its rich cultural heritage in dance, music, art and cuisine.

Karnavar restaurant in co-operation with World Malayalee Council (UK) is offering treat for all your senses, a day to Experience Kerala in South London when any one can experience the real taste of music, dance, art and cuisine of Kerala. On Saturday, 18th November 2017 a 3 course Kerala Meal is made available at the Michelin listed Indian fine dining restaurant Karnavar from 12pm to 5pm.

Guest could enjoy an experience of the traditional cuisine of Kerala with a creative twist before they head to the event facilitated by World Malayalee Council (UK) at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy for the rest of the evening.

Three Course Kerala Meal at Karnavar

Kerala Poached Egg Masala, Seasonal Salad, Soya Beans
Organic Hen Egg Masala Sauce, Rice and Coconut Pancake
Travancore Fillet of Sea Bream
Steamed Casava crushed with Shallots,
Green Chilli and Coconut, fish curry sauce
Kinnathapan Malabar
Rice and Coconut Pudding with Lemon Sorbet

Experience cuisine of Kerala

Karnavar Restaurant
62 South End, Croydon CR0 1DP

Date & Time
Saturday, November 18, 2017
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

£25.00 per person

Dance, Music and Theatre Art Event

World Malayalee Council (UK) have made ready an event where guest could continue to treat their senses with Kerala music, dance and theatre art event. This event offers a rare opportunity to see superb international artists from Kerala and elsewhere perform their legendary art form.

Event at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

Dance by the the students of Alen’s School of Indian Dances,
from WMC Swedish province
Chenda (Drums of Kerala, South India) Melam by MAUK and
Sangeetha Chendamelam by WMC – UK Province
Theatre Art
Kathakali (classical dance drama of Kerala) by
the Kala Chethana Kathakali Company, UK

Kerala Dance, Music & Art

Event by
World Malayalee Council (UK)

Archbishop Lanfranc Academy
Mitcham Rd, Croydon CR93AS

Date & Time
Saturday, November 18, 2017
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT

£10.00 per person

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More about the theatre event

Kerala’s unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demography, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Kathakali is one of the renowned indigenous art form from Kerala. It originated from Sanskrit drama and patronised by former Maharajas of Kerala. In Kathakali the male characters wear glittering round headwear and face painted with green or black colours. They wear folded long cloths painted with vibrant colours. This art form is performed in the twilight of traditional Kerala lamp known as ‘Nilavilakku‘ or ‘Attavilakku‘ and body movements of the actors are in tune with the lyrics known as ‘Kathakali padangal‘ sung by background singers accompanied by melom. Kathakali is organised to perform in this event.

The purpose of the event is to raise fund for the differently abled children of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala.

The Kala Chethana Kathakali Company is credited with developing Kathakali in the UK through their hugely successful tours and educational work. The company invites you to join them on their 30th anniversary tour.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kathakali there is a short pre-show demonstration and a chance to see the make-up, view the costumes and meet the artists.

Download the ‘Experience Kerala in South London’ Offer in PDF format.