Weekly Special Cocktail: Gin Balloons

Weekly Special Cocktail: Gin Balloons
Weekly Special Karnavar Cocktail: Gin Balloons

We will be doing special cocktails of the week. We are starting with Karnavar Signature Gin Balloons,

Many gins blend perfectly with FEVER-TREE Tonics. We present the perfect and unique gin and tonic combination which is also a Perfect Serve from the gin manufacturer’s point of view.

Want to know what makes the combination of Gin & Tonic so unique that it is considered the Perfect Serve by the manufacturers? Gin Mare and FEVER-TREE Tonics.

Know your Gin & Tonic: Gin Balloons

Gin Mare is distilled in the small Catalan fishing village of Vilanova in northeastern Spain between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, south of Barcelona. The small distillery on the northeastern coast of Spain distills Gin Mare only gently in copper pot-still plants.

Flavors of the Mediterranean area unfold in their entirety. Primary botanicals such as thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece, basil from Italy and Arbequina olives from Spain. They give Gin Mare its unique spicy character and mild flavor.

Gin Mare is a blend of distillates from its defining botanicals. The botanicals are distilled individually, then blended and distilled together again. In order to release their aromas in full, the ingredients are additionally subjected to a long maceration in alcohol, the citrus fruits even more than a year.

How does the gin tastefully combine with FEVER-TREE?

The special taste profile of Gin Mare combines perfectly with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. This pleasantly tart and fresh connection creates a whole new kind of gin and tonic that inspires enthusiasm across all age groups. The primary notes of rosemary and thyme, the restrained carbonation and the pleasant citrus note of Mediterranean Tonic Water harmonize very well with the Mediterranean flavor of Gin Mare.

Which tonic from the FEVER-TREE range do we favour in combination with the gin?

The answer is obvious: the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. The perfect pleasure for the summer but also throughout the whole year.

Our recommended drink garnish, with a twist?

Gin Mare & Tonic is classically recommended with a sprig of rosemary.

In addition, combinations with thyme & basil and olive are the perfect companions.


What are the advantages of the FEVER-TREE Tonic over other Tonics?

For many years, Fever-Tree has stood for the premium quality of tonic water, which consumers appreciate right up to the sophisticated bar scene. The variety of the product range offers the right tonic for every gin. Due to this individual applicability and the special taste, Fever Tree is no longer indispensable for the market.