Karnavar Indian Restaurant - National Best Newcomer Award 2014

Karnavar Indian Restaurant - National Best Newcomer Award 2014
BIBA The Best Newcomer 2014 Award

Fine dining Indian restaurant, Karnavar, in South End Corydon has been crowned ‘The Best Newcomer 2014‘ in the whole of Britain.

The award was made by the prestigious BIBA organised by the Federation of Specialist Restaurants with Mood Food Magazine, in the South East Asian sector category.

The title of BIBA Best Newcomer of the year 2014 came to Karnavar by a narrow margin due to quality and uniqueness of the food produced by the Chef Manoj Karnavar. Karnavar has already earned rave reviews in the press and from his customers with TripAdvisor rating as #1 out of 261 restaurants in Croydon. Head Chef Manoj Karnavar has elevated Indian food to a different level with his flair for imagination, passion for local and seasonal ingredients and above all, his dedications to customer satisfaction.

Award winning Karnavar restaurant focuses on many events including food festivals, Master cookery class, 7 and 5 course tasting menu with wine pairing and many more like that.