Dosa Festival 2018

South India is the proud contributor of “Dosa” – crispy Crepes/Pancake are served either as a starter or as a main meal at any time of the day all over India and even it is served as a snack in smaller portions.

Dosa is rich in Protein and carbohydrates and it contains no sugar and saturated fats. As its constituent ingredients are lentils and rice its gluten free also. The fermentation process increases lots of nutritional value especially vitamin B and C.

K.T.Achaya, an eminent Indian food scientist, and food historian states that food like Appam,Idiyappam,Dosa were already known in ancient Tamil country around !st century AD, as per references in Tamil Sangamliterature.

We use Sesame Oil for all of our Dosa preparations. Sesame oil is high in Mono saturated fat,polysaturated fat and high in nutrients.

Every Dosa served with Vegetable, Lentil Sambar and 4 types of chutneys

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Special offer menu

Plain Dosa
Paper roast ; thin and crispy
Ghee Roast; thin and crispy ,clarified butter
Kallu Dosa; the way mums make dosa at home
Thattu Dosa; Kerala street food style
Masala Dosa ; potato Masala filling
Plain Uthappam; a thick savory pancake , fermented rice ,black gram batter
Onion Uthappam; onion toppings

Classic dosas offered during our festaval are

Vegetarian Dosa

Plain Dosa
£ 3.90
Paper roast – thin and crispy
Ghee Roast- thin and crispy ,clarified butter
Masala Dosa – potato Masala filling
Kallu Dosa- the way mums make dosa at home
Podi dosa- spiced sesame seeds, black gram
Podi Masla Dosa- potato masala filling
Karam Dosa – Channa daal, onion, chilly
Karam Masla Dosa- Potato masla filling
Thattu Dosa- Kerala street food style
Mysoore Dosa- spicey chutney spread on dosa
£ 5.00
Mysoore Masala Dosa- potato Masala filling
Rava Dosa- dosa with semolina
Onion Rava Dosa
Rava Masala Dosa – Potato masla filling
Onion Rava masala Dosa
Andhra Pesarattu – rice , green gram ,ginger, spices
Javarasi- rice, black gram and sago
Beetroot Dosa
Beetroot Masla dosa
Cheese Dosa
Paneer Masala Dosa – cottage cheese masala filling
Plain Uthappam- a thick savory pancake , fermented rice
,black gram batter
£ 4.00
Onion Uthappam- onion toppings
Onion, tomato, coriander , green chilly Uthappam
Medhuvada/ushunnu vada- Black gram
Sambar Vada – vada dipped in sambar
Dhahi wada/Thairu vada – Vada dipped in yoghurt and
mustard tadka

Non Vegetarian Dosa

Chettinadu chicken masala dosa- black pepper, spices,
potato masala and chicken.
Chicken Tikka masla dosa- tandoor roasted chicken
thigh , potato masala
Kuttanadu chemeen Dosa- spiced prawns
Lamb Masala Dosa

Dosa Festival is served from 01/05/2018

Dosa Festival won’t be available on,

Friday evenings – (6 pm – 11 pm)

Saturday evenings – (6 pm – 11 pm)

Sunday – (12 pm – 3 pm)

Terms & conditions

* terms and conditions apply for “Unlimited vegetarian Dosa for £10″ which is
1. £10/person.
2. Dosa has to order one by one.
3. If you couldn’t finish the dosa, we will charge extra on top of £10 (the same price in the menu)
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