Desserts Menu


Item Price
Ada Pradhaman
A Classic Kerala Dessert; Created on Chocolate
Fondant Style Served with Crunchy Tuile
Bebinca, Goan
Nutmeg Layered Cake, Fresh Pineapple,
Poppy Seed Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream
Kinnathappan, Malabar
Coconut and Mango Layered Palm Jaggery Rice
Pudding, Fresh Mango and Lemon Sorbet
Home Churned Milk Cheese Cake with Strawberry
Compote and Passion Fruit Sorbet
Ice-Cream – Choice of Two Scoops
Vanilla / Strawberry / Cinnamon / Melon & Chilly
Sorbet – Choice of Two Scoops
Lemon / Raspberry / Passion Fruit

Coffee / Tea

Item Price
Herbal Tea
Floater Coffee
E/BF Tea
Flora Tea

Liquor Coffee

Item Price
Bailey’s Coffee
– Bailey’s Irish Cream
Irish Coffee
– Jameson Whisky
Mexican Coffee
– Kahlua & Tequila
Russian Coffee
– Vodka
Rusty Nail Coffee
– Scotch Whisky & Drambuie
Liquor Coffee
– Amaretto / Tia Maria / Grand Marnier

After Dinner Martini

Item Price
Chocolate Mint Martini
Vodka, Crème De Menthe, Crème De Cacao
Espresso Martini
Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Crème De Cacao, Coffee
Mud Slide
Vodka, Kailua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Cream

Port Wine/ Digestif

Item Price
Taylors LBV 2008 – 50 ml
Grappa Suprema – 50 ml
Limon cello – 50 ml

Dessert Wine

Item Price
Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Chile – 100 ml
Rojal Tokaji Aszu 2008, Hungary – 100 ml

Dessert Menu

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  • Coffee / Tea
  • Liquor Coffee
  • After Dinner Martini
  • Port Wine/ Digestif
  • Dessert Wine


Restaurant offer culinary options for guests with food allergies or dietary requirements.

Dishes are subject to availability and may be added or removed from menu without a notice. Please call restaurant for weekly offers.

Dishes may contain traces of nuts/sesame oil.

We keep refreshing our offers and menu frequently. Kindly visit our website for the latest offers and menus.


10 % service charge added to the total bill at your discretion. Food may contain traces of nuts and in case if you have any allergies, please speak to manager for more options and replacements.